“A tree lives on its roots.
If you change the root,
you change the tree.”

– Jane Hirschfield, American Poet

“A tree lives on its roots. If you change the root, you change the tree.”

– Jane Hirschfield, American Poet

Welcome to Tree of Life … specializing in answers

Guiding You Toward Wellness

Do you have chronic health issues that aren’t getting resolved? Trying to find a diet that works? Dealing with pain and inflammation? Looking for ways to detox? Frustrated by the lack of answers you’re getting elsewhere?

Experienced Practitioners

At Tree of Life, our practitioners have years of experience helping people of all ages find answers to complicated health issues. Our mission is to focus on you as an individual, listen to your concerns, answer questions and offer solutions. We’re passionate about helping you feel your best.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team that offers the most comprehensive array of complementary, holistic health services to help you achieve optimal wellness.


Improve Your Health Naturally

Functional Genomic Nutrition Consultations

Genetic testing and nutritional supportive protocol.

Traditional Naturopathic Consultations

Analyzes current health status to identify underlying issues.

Nutrition Consultations

Employing a functional foods approach to nutrition with a personalized nutrition plan.

Reproductive Wellness & Fertility Optimization

Hormone balancing, education, nutrition support and wellness consultations.

Complementary Therapies

Innovative, Individualized Wellness Solutions at The Cambium Center

The Cambium Wellness Center at Tree of Life is a unique go-to resource to purify, vitalize and restore your health naturally and achieve optimal wellness. Here, we offer the area’s widest array of innovative, non-medical holistic therapies, including the latest wellness technologies that support detoxification, body balance, structural therapy, exercise, and healthy weight loss.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Tree of Life clients have reported back on the many benefits they’ve experienced from our array of holistic health services, including:

      • better digestion,
      • stronger immunity,
      • balanced hormones, 
      • clearer skin,
      • sharper memory,
      • reduced allergies and/or food sensitivities,
      • reduced inflammation/pain,
      • better sleep,
      • improved mood, and
      • increased energy.

Long Distance Appointments

Don’t live near our Ephrata, PA office? Not to worry! Tree of Life offers long-distance consultations to clients via phone call or Skype sessions. No on-site personal visit is required. Please contact us to ask any questions…we are here to support you and your health goals.