About Us

Tree of Life is founded on the premise that your health is related to the health of your cells, and your body has the innate ability to heal. Our approach to complementary and alternative care is both evidence-based and natural. We blend centuries-old knowledge of natural therapies with current advances in the understanding of health and nutrition as medicine.

Many clients come to us frustrated and with no direction. They’re tired of treating symptom after symptom with no relief or answers to their toughest health challenges. Our mission is to spend time with you and collaborate so you leave with hope and a plan to achieve optimal wellness naturally. 

Tree of Life does not diagnose or treat any disease; for this you must see a licensed health professional.

Meet the Team

Robert Miller, BCTN, ANWPB

Traditional Naturopath

Bob Miller, BCTN, ANWPB is a Board-Certified Traditional Naturopath specializing in the field of genetic-specific nutrition. He earned his traditional naturopathic degree from Trinity School of Natural Health and is board certified through the ANMA. In 1993, he opened the Tree of Life practice where he has served as a traditional naturopath. For the past several years, he has been engaged exclusively with functional nutritional genetic variants and related research.

A Researcher: To support his growing genetic research efforts, in 2015, Bob founded and personally funds the NutriGenetic Research Institute to research the relationship between genetic variants and presenting symptoms.

  • Phase I research study on genetic variants in those with chronic Lyme disease was one of two winners for research by the ILADS international meeting held in Helsinki, Finland. 
  • Phase II study of Lyme disease was presented at the American ILADS conference in November 2016.
  • Phase III was presented at the International ILADS conference in Paris, France in May 2017.
  • Phase IV study on mTOR and Autophagy in Lyme disease was presented in Boston, November 2017. 
  • Phase V was presented in Warsaw, Poland in June 2018.
  • Phase VI was another winner presented in Chicago, Illinois in November of 2018, which showed increased variants in the Heme pathway and Mast Cell genes. 
  • Phase VII, presented in Madrid, Spain in June of 2019, showed how genetic variants in genes related to the production of and utilization of NAD+ and NADPH are creating what is now referred to as the ‘NADPH Steal’.
  • Phase VIII, presented in a virtual ILADS conference held in the USA, September 2020 shows increased genetic variants in the genes related to bile production in chronic Lyme patients.

A Nutritional Supplement Formulator: Bob has created nearly 100 nutritional supplement products exclusively for health professionals. The products he formulated are based upon his genetic research and are designed to support function that may be impaired by genetic weakness.

Genetic Analysis Software Creator: Bob is the founder and president of Functional Genomic Analysis, an online software program that organizes and analyzes genetic SNPs for functional health professionals.


  • National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals
  • American Association of Nutritional Consultants
  • Board Certified Traditional Naturopath – American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board
  • American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners
  • American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board

Emily Givler, DSC

Functional/Genetic Nutrition Consultant
Food Sensitivity Counseling
High Frequency Microcurrent J.A.D.E.Therapist

Emily Givler, DSC is a Functional/Genetic Nutrition Consultant and Dietary Supplements Counselor with the NutriGenetic Research Institute and Tree of Life. She specializes in food sensitivities, utilizing genetically influenced dietary protocols designed to maximize health outcomes while maintaining a healthy relationship with food. She holds degrees from the Holt Institute of Medicine and Pan-American Institute.

Megan Ross, ND

Genetic Nutrition Consultant
Chronic illness/Autoimmune/Neurological conditions
Mold Toxicity
Gut issues

Megan Ross, ND is a Genetic Nutrition Consultant who specializes in chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and gut health utilizing detoxification and personalized nutrition. She earned her nutritional science degree from Penn State University and her doctorate at Sonoran University of Health Sciences.  She utilizes your unique genome to create a personalized plan, while removing the obstacles that may be preventing your body from healing, such as chronic infections, mold, and heavy metals. She will listen, investigate, and allow her enthusiasm to shine through about the healing power of the body at every consult visit. She determines your root cause and imbalances, while educating you in the processes so that you can become more attuned with your body. 

Jaclyn Downs, MS, Genetic Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner

Genetic Nutrition Consultation
Fertility Optimization
Hormone Balancing

Jaclyn is the author of the academically published book Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve ‘Unexplained’ Infertility (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2023). She joined Tree of Life in 2013 as a Research Assistant for Bob Miller, delving deep into the ever-evolving genetic nutrition research being conducted by Bob and his NutriGenetic Research Institute team.

One of Jaclyn’s greatest strengths is to plainly and clearly explain complex biochemical mechanisms. Using genetics, functional lab testing, and a meticulous initial consultation, she seeks to educate her clients and provide them with actionable recommendations to address the underlying causes of symptoms and inflammation. She understands that all parts and systems in the body are intimately connected, and is well-equipped to work with clients of all sorts. This makes her a great clinician for your preliminary Genetic Nutrition Consultation.

Mariam Makhoul

Certified Nutritional Consultant

Mariam Makhoul joined Tree of Life in 2021 after earning her accreditation as a Certified Nutritional Consultant from The American Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC), of which she is a member. Providing mindful nutrition guidance and support to others became Mariam’s passion after her own health struggles taught her how critical nutrition is to understand the root cause of a person’s health issues and concerns.

Mariam is a firm believer in identifying any and all underlying emotional, environmental, genetic, and epigenetic conditions in advance of providing the counseling and nutritional guidance needed to address each of her clients’ individual mind and body needs. Functional genetics is the forefront of her approach and can tailor/customize a nutrition plan based on one’s genome.

 In her free time, Mariam is often consulting family and friends on how to improve diet, lifestyle, and attitude to promote overall health. Her devotion to patient education knows no bounds and she loves every minute of it.