Functional Genomic Nutrition Consultations

Harnessing Your DNA for Optimal Health

If you’ve been searching for answers to build your health, testing your DNA should be the next step. 

Thanks to new technology advances, a simple saliva test today can measure 602,000 pieces of your DNA. Everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA…it’s not just a rare occurrence. Since variants can impact your ability to make and use different nutrients, everyone is susceptible in their own unique way. 

Gaps in your DNA can impact:

Digestion Detoxification Gluten tolerance Lactose tolerance Blood sugar regulation Mitochondrial function  Free radical production/ premature aging Master antioxidant production And more!

DNA Test Kit

Tree of Life utilizes a customized and private DNA saliva test kit, called Your Functional GeonomicsTM, to interpret your DNA.* Fill out a New Client Form to order a DNA test kit.


In a private, one-hour consultation with Tree of Life, you’ll receive a Genetic Variant Nutritional Assessment report from our proprietary software that analyzes your raw data**, plus recommendations for a custom nutritional protocol based on your unique genetics. This protocol will supplement your missing nutrients and antioxidants, or use nutrients to aid in the production of needed enzymes to ultimately reduce damaging oxidants and support healthy cells. We also may make other recommendations that could include dietary changes and/or suggested detoxification therapies. We’ll follow up with you to monitor your progress and make changes as needed.

Contact Tree of Life today to get started! We offer both on-site and well as long-distance Functional Genomic Nutrition Consultations via Skype or phone call.

Want to Learn More About Genetics and Your Health?

Interested in learning more about the specific genes that can impact your health? Visit, another tool created by Tree of Life naturopath Bob Miller and his NutriGenetic Research InstituteTM team.

*At this time, we are not recommending ordering the 23andMe genetic test. 23andMe began to change their genotyping chip from V4 to V5 in July/August of 2017. The V4 chip eliminates approximately 40,000 SNPs and the V5 chip eliminates approximately 50,000 SNPs that are genotyped in our reports. Their information currently is not completely compatible with our software program.

If you have already purchased the 23andMe kit, we can still use the data that it provides. Our research team has created a V5 report for our Functional Genomic Analysis software that can be used for those who have the new version of 23andMe, but please understand that the information provided will be limited.

However, if you had a 23andMe test done prior to August of 2017 – a V3 or V4, this may be uploaded into our software program, Functional Genomic Analysis and will provide limited information as indicated above.

23andMe® is the registered trademark of 23andMe®, Inc. Tree of Life is not affiliated with 23andMe®.

Tree of Life offers naturopathic and natural health consulting designed to be complementary to standard medical care. Naturopaths are not licensed medical doctors, and therefore do not diagnose or treat disease. Rather, we support the body nutritionally, so that the body comes in to balance on its own.